What to deliver after class?

Welcome to Xarxes de Sensors sense Fils (XSSF), guys!

As we commented in our first lesson, we expect you to deliver a summary of your work after each lab.

We also asked you to do so via a blog post. It is easier, cleaner and quicker to feedback.

Your posts should at least answer/cover different aspects:

  1. Name of the students participating in the lab.
  2. Name of the lab.
  3. Videos, photos and schematics of your finished prototype.
  4. Description of your work. Try to detail your procedures, remember that we expect you to go one step further from the guided labs.
  5. Anything else you think is useful, :).

There are many blogs platforms available. We are OK with all of them, feel free to choose whichever you like the most.

Remember: after writing a post about your work on a determined Lab, paste a link to that post in the correspondent comment section of the MOOC.


Have fun!