Welcome class 2015!

Hello guys,

probably we will all be reading this message in the welcoming class.

I would like to guide you through the Hands-on WSN experience we are going to have this year.

  1. Advanced labs or L@bs: as part of the course, we have prepared additional lab assignments that will push your abilities even further.
  2. Class dynamics: as done in previous years this course will be composed of lab sessions only, with the exception of Fridays. Our normal lab sessions are going to be invested in completing the lab/l@b assignments proposed in the P2PU course. Please, don’t forget to create an account in order to enrol in the course. Your evaluation depends on it.
  3. Final project: as part of the course you should prepare a final project. It should make use of WSN or other technology reviewed in class (or not). The subject is completely up to you.
  4. Fridays: we have four Friday sessions. Two of them are going to be composed of talks given by experts in a WSN-realted field. The other two we are going to use to troubleshoot your final projects.
  5. Evaluation: as explained in previous post, each group should request a badge after the completion of each lab assignment. Each owner of a badge can evaluate and give a badge to the requester. The following is a proposal of the weights:
    • 60% Labs/L@bs and badges.
    • 30% Final project.
    • 10% Final short quiz.

Thanks for attending, we will work hard to show you all of what we have learned so far in this course.


The Hands-on WSN team.

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