Suggested L@bs

Hello guys,

we have compiled some ideas for advanced labs (l@bs). Here they are separated by subject:


Advanced labs, or L@bs, are a key part of the new classroom dynamics for Hands-on WSNs.

There are three main criteria governing l@bs:

  1. They should build over the subjects already learned in class.
  2. Are a solution to a problem.
  3. Should be presented at the next class.

For instance, l@b1 which is an advanced version of the first lab should be presented in the lab2 class.

Although it is true that l@bs should be proposed by students, in the followings We The Teachers propose some ideas.

  1. L@b1 (2.1): Advanced Blinking LED:
    1. semaphore
    2. binary counter
    3. ambulance lamp
    4. pulsating LED
  1. L@b2 (4.1): Advanced Messaging:
    1. 3 or more users chatroom
    2. multihop chat
    3. chat with LED notifications
    4. multimedia chat
  1. L@b3 (5.1): Automation:
    1. wireless night-table lamp (
    2. wireless fan
    3. wireless piano
    4. Wireless Morse code transmitter and receiver
  2. L@b4 (5.2): Wireless data transmission:
    1. wireless music instrument
    2. wireless force indicator
  3. L@b5 (6.1): Advanced pinging a sensor
    1. an Xbee-LED lightshow
    2. Send a melody to an arrange of buzzers from a computer
  4. L@b6 (6.2): Advanced data collection
    1. plot data in real-time
  5. L@b7 (7.1): Upload your sensor data
    1. use one of the other data visualization platforms
    2. build a live data visualizer for others in the classroom
    3. build a better visualiser

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